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The latest Facebook redesign does away with the two-column look for Pages, and attempts to mirror the Page View with how the content will appear in a users’ News Feed. As you see in our infographics, this is *mostly* true. Some key insights:

  • User Behavior: Why do we optimize for the News Feed vs. Page View? Because 99.9% of users look ONLY at the News Feed, and never return to a Page after the initial Like.
  • Specs: Square images (which are popular because you can also post them on other platforms) are spread across the whole column in Page View, but are smaller and left-justified in the News Feed.
  • Specs: In order to maximize the real estate in the News Feed, design an image at the proportion of 6x5 (1200px x 1000px). #optimized

Your Facebook Page’s average reach is dwindling, so make the most of every impression.

Download the full res versions of these infographics here: News Feed and Page View.